now i’m lost in this hole and i’m sure i am stuck
and i can’t run away ‘cause i’m lazy as fuck.
so i sit on the floor as i gather my thoughts
and they’re full of broken promises that only piss me off.
well i lost control when i was only a boy,
the world taught me angst when i deserved joy.
now i’m breaking down as i struggle to breathe,
‘cause i believe in a god who won’t believe in me.

Island Of The Misfit Boy // Front Porch Step

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  • Straight Girls: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • Gay Girls: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • Straight Boys: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • Gay Boys: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • Bisexuals: Grace Helbig is gorgeous
  • Beyoncé: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • Obama: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • Every other YouTuber on the planet: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • The world: Grace Helbig is gorgeous.
  • Grace Helbig: Hannah Hart and Mamrie doe.
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Anonymous asked: If you're agreeing with those ignorant assholes then you're one too


So be it. This is family goddammit. We argue, we bicker, but we stand up for one another. We may not enjoy one another at points, but I’ll be damned if we go down without helping when one of us is in need. We’re one another’s wall to lean on when things get tough. These are my brothers and sisters. My aunts and uncles. My parent like figures. If they’re ignorant assholes, well then we all are.

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Anonymous asked: What is all this drama going on about?

Alright, I’m going to explain this in the best way that I can. Okay, so theres this party, right? And the people at this party are teenagers and they’re confused about the world and are trying to understand it better. Some people at the party are trying to decide what cup they should use to drink out of, because there are so many varieties and they aren’t sure which one suits them the best. So the host tries to explain to the guests, TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITY, which cups are available at the party and based on what the guest likes, which one might be the best fit for what they’re searching for. A guest comes to the host asking for help. The host answers, “you may be searching for the *solo-cups based on the characteristics you have provided me with.” 

Another guest asks, “What does the ‘*’ in ‘*solo-cups’ mean?” & the host answers, “It includes red solo-cups, blue solo-cups, green solo-cups, yellow solo-cups, etc. Instead of listing all the terms, It was just easier to write ‘*solo-cups’.”


As the third party is attacking, the sound of the host and guests defending themselves can be heard. A member of the third party speaks up and says, “We do not believe that you used ‘*’ in the correct form and you are not allowed to have an opinion on it.” 

The host then replies, “Sorry if I used ‘*’ wrong, according to you, but I EXPLAINED myself and the guests understand that the way that I used ‘*’ was NOT meant to hurt the different colored solo-cup’s feelings in any way, but instead to generalize the terms under the ‘solo-cup’ title.” 

The host pulls her cellphone out of her pocket and looks up the third party member’s blog on Tumblr. She find numerous posts on “host shaming,” and “hosts fucking suck”. The host is offended. Why would a member of the PARTY community try to hurt another member’s feelings? Aren’t we all fighting for the same party-hard cause? 

The ignorant third party is refusing to understand that mistakes are made all of the time, regardless of the fact that the host was only trying to help their guests. 

{I would just like to exaggerate the fact that this is how I interpreted the matter, your beliefs on the situation may vary from this (but don’t worry, I won’t attack your beliefs because they aren’t the same as mine).}


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williamhowardtaftpunk asked: Please stop being a cunt. I can't even begin to tell you how horrible you were to carrot0nesie or sikeitskasey because you will probably just label it as oppression and call me cis trash. But I guess i can handle it because all cis people are horrible emotionless robots who don't know how to think of others feelings. What luck I have there!



Do not test me im about to drag all you dumb cis girls

Please do. Give me an argument worth refuting. I’ve been scrolling through your “Why I hate cis people” tag for at least thirty minutes and have yet to find something based entirely in fact and not biased and twisted to the point you cant even argue with it because its so misguided.

I’d love to help you understand that yes, cis people all over the world oppress and murder trans* people every day. That, yes, cis people are shit to trans* people. Cis people take away your rights, frown upon you in society and tell you you’re “unnatural”, and thats not even mentioning thousands of other horrible things that none of you deserve.

But if you can’t understand that there are a lot of us that are genuinely trying to help, who are tying to show compassion and know that you are normal human beings who deserve every opportunity to be happy and safe in the world, I don’t think I can help you. People who choose to be hateful cannot be persuaded.

I want to be nice to you, I really do, but I can only do so if you could calm down for one gosh-diddly-darn minute and accept that I am not trying to oppress you, hurt you or harm you in any fashion. I want to help, we want to help, but you just close us out.

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Hope you had a fun Easter. I spent mine with this fucker

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Bringing back this classic tweet from Easter 2013

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my favorite scene in frozen


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